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    Welcome to your wiki page! I'm glad you're in my class!Bio
    Hello, my
    Randall (Randy) Furman.F. I was
    Racine Letter
    July 14, 2011Dear Racine city council:My name is Jack Carlson. I am a student at Northern Illinois University who has been living in Racine since I was a baby. I came back to check up on my family when suddenly I heard my mother and father discussing about prom. My father is a high school teacher. He was going to the Racine council to support in favor of prom. I am writing this letter in response about the discussion in ending the Racine High School Prom. After attending the meeting, I think that it would be wise not to get rid of prom but change a couple of things about it.
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    July 18, 2011
    is Jaquel LewisL Iam 16
    Otherwise I think that Racine should still have Prom because so many kids had their Prom and other kids will want to have 1 too. So I think they should. Some of my reasons why is because it’s the best day of your life some other kids wouldn’t even make it to this day. Teens go all out with their dressings. Like you really have go all out for Prom. I know prom cost a lot of Money but hey you only get 1 Prom in high school. Prom is a tradition. Like why stop Prom in 1 city than others states in cities are still having them and there the only one’s not that NOTFAIR! I’m a junior right now if they close Prom in Racine they might want to close it where I stay plus my friends. And I truly don’t want that to happen. Because I want to see how it’s like to go to Prom in come home late, Probly not even come home, just have fun and live Life. There punishing Teens for No Reason? They should keep having prom so others can live life and have a Blast. I know after prom it Be loud and Crazy but hey there Teens if it’s a Problem Yea Call the Police who can Take it from there No one.
    So I really wish they don’t Stop PROM in Racine!!
    - A Tradition
    - Best night ever
    to remember
    - Take time to look nice .
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    My name is Mitchell. I am seventeen years old. I attended Lewis Lemon for elementary, West for middle school and I currently attend Auburn High School. I am a very athletic person and i have been playing sports for twelve years. I have been playing baseball for twelve years, football for six years and I've been wrestling for five years and i am currently the captain for Auburn High School's wrestling team. I am the second youngest of my mom's four children and the oldest on my father's side. Both of my older sister's are former [[Mitchell#|graduates]] from Auburn also. I plan on attending Iowa State or U.W. Whitewater [[Mitchell#|for college]] on a wrestling [[Mitchell#|scholarship]].
    July 15, 2011
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    About me
    is Jemece Hyatt.H. I grew
    July 14, 2011
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    Persuasive Letter
    To The Racine City Council:
    Is Tavie BattenB I am
    My first reason why prom should host is because it’s a tradition that’s been going on for many many years. The students and parents are looking forward to It It’s a chance where students and everyone gets to be in the same room and look nice and all the drama is not thought of. Prom is a tradition that should go on for years and years and years.
    My second reason is because the board members thought prom is to expensive. I think that they could have a budget if they don’t want to spend a lot of money. If people were more focused on prom itself it wouldn’t be such a big deal I know you are suppose to look nice but you could put a small budget on how much you wanna spend so cost wouldn’t be a problem.
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Thursday, September 1

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    ~ of she~
    Born as Brianna but also known as Candy is a 14 year old freshman she currently attends Auburn High school.She pretty much grew up with one parent in her life which was her mother Tanisha.Her "father" Leroy did not claim her as his child until the age of two. She was born in Rockford, ill at Rockford Memorial Hospital.She has lived in Rockford her whole life she has only visited Dekalb,Wisconsin,and Indiana throughout her entire life. Brianna intends on going to Spelman University to major in journalism. She enjoys having fun with friends but also knows when to be serious and act her age. Brianna has 2 siblings that are nine and eleven years of age. She plans on doing something in her life anything that will make her mother happier in life. Brianna is very kindhearted and very friendly she loves making people happy.
    htmldiff12To the
    Racine Town htmldiff13
    Meeting htmldiff14Board htmldiff15Well let me start off by saying my name is Brianna I am a writer and a member of SADD. htmldiff16My concerns
    about htmldiff17
    prom: htmldiff18 htmldiff19inquiry scenario racine prom dilemma.doc htmldiff20prom will be listed in this letter. My concerns are that students have been drinking at prom. Most of these “drinking incidents” happen before or after from but mostly afterwards at an un-supervised party. Although students have or may have not been drinking this is no solid reason to end prom. Accusers have found out that the parents are the ones ignorantly supplying the students with alcohol. Some parents turn their heads and act if nothing is wrong with the fact that their children are drinking at an un-mature age. Nine days before prom student were lectured about drunk driving. Seventy percent of the students showed up sober that only leaves a small 30 percent that showed up drunk and out of that thirty, ten percent did not know the punch was spiked. Authorities still aren’t sure if the underage drinking even took place. Police chief Bud Caroll stated that no crime took place the week before or the week after prom. Prom is a seasonal right of passage. Many citizens have found out that prom keeps student out the streets and in class. I say this because for students to attend prom they must attend school. With post prom activities students are encouraged to stay to stay at the designated supervised area at which prom is held. Parents were able to locate their children and know where they are. If you cancel prom students will out of control, they’ll be trying to find a place of excitement they’ll put more havoc in the streets of Racine. Do you really want to do this to the poor town of Racine? htmldiff21Sincerely htmldiff22Brianna htmldiff23SADD member and journalist

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