Hello, My name is Yakelin M. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and moved to Rockford, IL at an early age. I'm currently 17 years old. I went to McIntosh Elementary and R.E.S.A Middle school, I am currently attending Auburn High School where I hope to graduate with a scholar's diploma. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and designing, I also like playing soccer & tennis with friends. What I would want to do in the future is go to college to study design and dentistry, and graduate with a degree. Also in the future I would like to travel and visit places like: France, Russia and Mexico. The reason I decided to come to the Rockford Summer Camp was to get college experience like sleeping in a dorm, and being away from home. Also because I wanted to come and visit the NIU campus, and spend a week with friends :)


July 14, 2011

Dear, Racine Town Hall:

My name is Vanessa Woods, and I'm here to talk to you about the topic of prom. I am currently a senior here at Park High School in Racine, WI. I believe that prom should not get cancelled because it is the end of my high school career, therefore, making this a celebration. It would not just be for me, but for the whole student body that feel the same way about it. After the Racine Town Meeting I wanted to write to let you know some ideas I had to keep prom in place.

One reason why most will be opposed to the idea of prom would be because of the deaths that occur from car crashes during that time. This was o huge topic that was presented by the Law Enforcement at the meeting. What I'll say to that would be that during prom, transportation to and from should be provided for students who will be attending, and there’s always the idea of the parents themselves driving their children to their destination. This way we will reduce deaths, and will make many parents less worried about their children driving at night. If students don't seem to agree with this decision, then they will have the opportunity to decorate their transportation. That way they will still have the fun in making sure that their parade looks good.

With the cancellation of prom, its tradition would be ruined, since it had begun for a long time now. All the High School seniors would be devastated, including me because, prom is something that most students look for apart from graduating. We go all those four years believing that we will be hosting a prom and in the end it will turn out that there wouldn't be one, and without it others will feel that there is no meaning on continuing with their education. I personally would feel out of place, because across the nation there will be many other schools that would be hosting one, and we wouldn't be. The only way in which we will have a prom is throughout the decision that the Hall makes.

To furthermore lessen the parent’s worries about post-prom, I suggest that it should end at 7am. It would mean that more students will attend and their prom would become more significant plus it means that they will be more protected. It is during the night when danger lurks through the streets, and in past proms many robberies were reported occurring near the time prom is usually over with, but if all this is taken into consideration prom would be a place to be at because, of its safe environment and the width of it.

Prom will definitely leave many memories to each one that attend it or even participate in helping to prepare for it. It would definitely be a perfect ending to our high school career. With this said, I hope that you decide to keep our prom and take all these suggestions into consideration.


Vanessa Woods