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My name is Veronica M. I'm 16 years old. I have attended many schools and some of them include King Elementary, McIntosh Elementary, and two private schools, I currently attend Jefferson High School where I plan to finish my high school career and hopefully graduate with a Scholar's Degree and go on to study at NIU and for a degree a in physical therapy. I think of myself as a very enjoyable person as long as I am comfortable in my surroundings. I love to talk to my friends and being very social. The one thing I like to do the most is dance, my dance life is centered on Ballet Folkloric, which is an interesting way of dance in which I get to learn about my Hispanic culture and background. I plan to continue my dance and one day get to a point in my life where i have my career as well hopefully getting to a professional stage in my dance. The reason I came Rockford Summer Camp was to learn more about NIU and get familiar with living away from home with complete strangers. So far I have enjoyed my adventures at this camp. I love meeting new people and being on facebook. And that's my story :)

July, 12, 2011

To the Racine Town Board,

My name is Liliana Medina. I am a senior at Racine East High School. I'm writing in response to the Racine Town Hall meeting, about whether or not Racine should host prom. Since I am a senior I am honestly for having prom. I attended the meeting last week and after hearing all sides of the argument, I gathered some points of view that I would like to refute. And hopefully you will agree with me.

During the meeting, there were three main points that I disagreed with. The first point that I would like to address, came from the teens and community opposed to prom. This point was that parents do not set values and morals for their children. Honestly I believe that all parents give their children values, rules and advice but whether or not the children listen is completely upon the child's shoulders. I just do not think that there is a single parent out there who does not advise their child and so I do not believe that should be a reason to cancel prom. Kids will be kids.

The second point came from the school staff opposed to prom. The point stated was that prom imposes unfair treatment on the students. I believe that the unfair treatment is completely in the hands of the school staff, because it is their choice whether or not they allow same sex couples at their high schools prom. My view on this is that if same sex couples are not allowed to attend prom, all the school is doing is teaching the other kids of the school to judge. So they should just allow them to go to prom. They are not hurting anyone by going to prom, unlike others kids at prom.

The third point, also from the school staff, is that prom is too expensive. I believe that a budget could get moderated. If expenses are a problem, they could host fundraisers to get the cost of prom reduced. It really is up to the child how much they spend. If a child is spending more than they can afford it’s the parent’s job to take control and regulate their child’s spending.

Finally, my views on prom are that it is a tradition. Whether or not we like to admit it, prom is part of high school life; every teenager who goes to high school looks forward to prom. And honestly I believe it is what keeps some high school students on their toes about their behavior, because of the fear of not being allowed to go to prom. If some rules were more imposed on the students and situations were stricter, we would have the best safest prom in the world. Rules such as, restriction on the selling buying and drinking of alcohol and more security guards at prom, would really make student think twice about their decisions. Another thing that could be regulated is transportation, if buses were provided or if parents picked up and dropped off their children we would have a safer prom.

So please do not cancel our prom it is a great way for us students to have a final farewell. I think prom is a good idea and it definitely needs some refinements. And hopefully you will take into consideration all my possible solutions and make changes so that we can still host prom.


Liliana Medina

July, 15, 2011

Dear Ms.Smith,

My name is Veronica Morales. I am 16 years old, and a student at Jefferson high school. I spent this past week here at NIU, and i have enjoyed it greatly. I have many great memories in your class aqnd i learned many new things. i would like to share my experience with you. in advance i would like to thank you for taking your time to read my letter and for allowing me to be on your wiki.

This week i learned many new things. One of those things is that persuasion has to be exact, if you do not have details, facts and warrants to back up your claims then your claim is almost worth nothing. i also learned that good persuaders do not get overly emotional with their claims. Having too many emotions within your letter may present itself to be more of a curse rather than a blessing. Good persuaders also know how to present solutions to the claims they refute. Persuaders are exactly like lawyers and judges, if one doesnt do their jobs then the possibilities of you getting what you want is one to nothing. In addition to all of that, a good persuader always refutes claims that go against his/her stance.

I also learned how to cunduct research. When conducting research i learned that you need to