My Biography

My name is Tommie and I was born on August 20 1998, in Chicago Illinois. I attended Stiles elementary school, Eisenhower middle school, and I will be attending Guilford High School, which are all located in Rockford, Illinois. And after I finish college I want to become a professional football player. I have one brother who's name is Ken. I have three pets and they're all dogs.My favorite website to go to is Facebook. This is everything there is to know about me.



Dear Racine School Board:

My name is Jack DeLacy and I’m a young and successful businessman. I feel that prom should still go on because I want to see all the teens happy for this one night. I think every teen should have this one night to show their becoming of man or woman and to have fun and celebrate all those years of hard work.

Now to discuss the problems with all the death rates leaping up, and more crimes happening the week before, during, and after prom. Though I care about the children attending the big event, I still stand on the side with prom to continue. I personally think that there should be more security during the prom. I think this would help because it would keep the kids safer than what it would be without security.

These are the reasons why I am for prom and not against. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tommie K