Hello! my name is Tashaira S! I am from Rockford IL, I was born an raised there! I am 17 years of age! I will be graduating next year I have come so far in the last 7 years! I never thought that I would make it to my last year in high school! I cant wait to walk across that stage it will be the best feeling ever just for the simple fact I know how hard I had to work to get to this point in my life I didn't do it for my family I did it for my self!!! an that is the most important thing that I did it for me an not because anyone else!! I hope that I make my parents proud an I also hope that I set a good example for my little sister an brothers I love them very much an I want them to know that no matter how hard life gets you can do what ever you want as long as you put your mind to it! I want to go to college in Chicago to Robert Morris University ! I want to be go to school for computers in design I love computers I love to create things like websites, power-points, write papers and even short stores! I am very outgoing I love to talk an interact with other people! I love kids I babysit for a close friend of the family its fun! I am very independent I don't count on anyone to take care of me an that is fine with me! I say this because I don't ever want some one to say they did something for me an then try an hold that over my head! whelp that's all for now! :)

July, 12, 2011
My name is Tashaira S. I am a soon to be senior student! And a resident for 17years of the city! Even though I am a teenager I am very smart! I have a lot of views on life I know what’s right and what’s wrong I know what kids should be doing and what they shouldn't be doing! I love to be involved in my school or any issues we may be having I love being in clubs and helping kids who feel out of place feel welcomed and loved! I know exactly what out of life I don’t like violence I don’t like drama I life too feel safe! But at the end of the day I am still a teenage girl!
I am writing this letter to discuss the issue if prom being cancelled. This isn’t just some school dance for some of us it is a dance that we have been waiting are whole life for! we have worked so hard in school to get to this one special night we are always hearing are parents tell us about their prom an how they had so much fun or even if they had a bad time they are still glad they went! I do agree that over the years prom has gotten more and more out of control over the years I feel as if maybe if we put some limits on prom maybe things will be better! That way if we put some limits on what kids can and cannot do then it will stop of the things that are happening on that night!
For example if we maybe put a budget on prom it would solve the problem of money! We could cut out some of the unnecessary things! We could help other students find there prom stuff for cheaper instead of spending so much money! They could host fundraisers to get the cost of prom reduced. But it really is also up to the child how much they spend. If a child is spending more than they can afford it’s the parent’s job to put a stop to it and buy what they can afford!
Another solution would be if we had more security we would be able to keep the kids out who have made the choice to drink or the ones that want to start drama! There should be no tolerance of that sort of thing maybe if the students new that they would be punished for their actions maybe they wouldn’t do the bad things that they have been doing! Also maybe we can provide safer transportation so that the kids don’t have a choice but to get home safe after prom it will cut down on any drunk driving or even any violence that might take place!
Another thing I would like to address would be the same sex an racial controversies I feel as if these students want to bring their partners to prom let them they are not hurting anyone they just want to have fun just like anybody else. So allow them to have that one night just like everyone else they are humans just like everyone else and we shouldn’t treat them like they are just horrible people.
So in conclusion to everything that I have just suggested an said I really hope that you take the time to think about everything I have just said an that we all can agree that prom shouldn’t be canceled it is just too important to take away!
Tashaira S