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Something About me

Hi,my name is Tanita R.I attend Auburn High School and I will be a senior this upcoming year.I am very intelligent and I will be looking forward to coming to NIU to start my college life.I also have an interest in going to the military.I am very outgoing and easy to get along with when you get to know me.I was born with attitude and I love to show it :).I love to hang out with friends and have fun.I think the Rockford Summer Camp is a great way to learn about college life and really see how things get done and how they work.So far I am pleased and I would love to come here.I really dislike dogs and I love to eat!I have two younger brothers and I grew up in a single parent household.I am very grateful and I appreciate the many things i get in life.I work at Magic Waters this summer, its my first job and im happy to have it.Hope to see you there.

To the Racine City Council,
Hi, my name is Tanasha Queen and I have a daughter that is ready to graduate from high school and prom is what she has been always looking forward to. I believe that cancelling prom would be a bad idea. I believe this because it has always been a great tradition. Prom has been around for many years. It also is a great way to give the seniors something for sticking through the four years and not dropping out. High school can be very challenging and I believe kids should be rewarded for all their hard work. Some groups at the board meeting explained how much prom costs, but I believe there are many ways to get around high prices and still look elegant. For example, things can be donated. Also, there are stores were you can pay a small amount and have a great dress. I myself wasn’t able to attend my senior prom and as a mom I want my daughter to do it so she does not miss out like I did.
To conclude, I do not believe prom should just vanish. It is a great way to leave your high school years behind.
Tanasha Queen