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Persuasive Letter

To The Racine City Council:

My Name Is Tavie B I am A Student At Racine East High School I am Writing To Discuss Whether Racine East High School Should Host Prom After Attending The Meeting I Have Concluded That Racine Should Host Prom.

My first reason why prom should host is because it’s a tradition that’s been going on for many many years. The students and parents are looking forward to It It’s a chance where students and everyone gets to be in the same room and look nice and all the drama is not thought of. Prom is a tradition that should go on for years and years and years.

My second reason is because the board members thought prom is to expensive. I think that they could have a budget if they don’t want to spend a lot of money. If people were more focused on prom itself it wouldn’t be such a big deal I know you are suppose to look nice but you could put a small budget on how much you wanna spend so cost wouldn’t be a problem.

The Second Reason That Was Talked About Was Unfair Treatment People Are Going To Be Judging On The Same Sex Couple In My Opinion It Doesn’t Matter Everyone Should Be Treated The Same Its Prom Everyone Looks Forward To It Gay Straight Whatever The Case May Be Everyone Wants To Go On Prom To Have A Good Time And To Celebrate Their High School Accomplishments And Going To Prom Would Make Them Know That They Did A Good Job And They Made Prom Is The Going Away Basically To College.

Giving Those Reasons I Don’t think prom should be cancelled. Prom is a tradition that all the high school students are looking forward to. Please Host Prom So That The Students Can Enjoy Themselves And Keep The Tradition Going For Years.