Hello, my name is Randall (Randy) F. I was born in Rockford Illinois on December 3, 1993 where I currently go to Jefferson High School. I'm going to be a senior this year and it feels amazing to finally be done with High School. I enjoy reading, math, sports, and other things. I have two pets. My dog's name is Saddie and my cat's name is Daffney. Being in this program makes me feel both nervous and excited about going to college. I have two younger siblings who are both 16 and 10 months old.

Racine Letter
July 14, 2011Dear Racine city council:My name is Jack Carlson. I am a student at Northern Illinois University who has been living in Racine since I was a baby. I came back to check up on my family when suddenly I heard my mother and father discussing about prom. My father is a high school teacher. He was going to the Racine council to support in favor of prom. I am writing this letter in response about the discussion in ending the Racine High School Prom. After attending the meeting, I think that it would be wise not to get rid of prom but change a couple of things about it.

There were at least two claims at the meeting that I disagree with. The first claim I like to address, came from the police. They say that they arrested more than 4 million kids during prom week. The point was that if we stop the prom that would decrease the rate of peer pressure. I think that they should increase the amount of security around the place so that way they can monitor the whole situation and would create a larger pressure towards the students.

The second claim came from the teens and community against prom. They said that the kids spend more than money than what they have and some families can’t afford to buy things for them. To me, it sounds like that a teenager is more unreliable with their money. I believe that the parents should set a limit of how much that they should spend on prom. I think that a single parent should not see their children not going to the prom.

Finally, in my view I think that prom is like a holiday or a tradition. We have had prom for long time. The prom is a part of their memory of their time being in high school. I believe that the people are afraid of how the students behave towards adults. Instead of cancelling prom I believe that they should put up more restrictions.

Please don’t end the prom, because it is a way of saying goodbye to those who are leaving. I do think that there should be some restrictions. Please take my thought in consideration.


Jack Carlson