Dear Racine City Council,
My QuaVarius R, I’m a senior at Auburn High School. I feel that you shouldn’t cancel prom but try to find ways to improve it.
Prom once was a night everyone just looked their best and “be grown,” but over the years prom has slowly become either the best night of your life, worse night, or even the last night. When you go to prom you are suppose to have a great time, enjoy good music, and say your possible last good byes to your long time friends.
Now when you hear about prom you have worries of drunk driver, fighting, killings, and many more. There are many ways that you could possibly solve these problems. If you have more security at prom and even more at post prom will you have more protection for everyone. You could also have more law enforcement for the look out on drunk drivers.
QuaVarius R.