July 15, 2011
To the Racine City Council
Hello my name is Stacy Walker. I am an officer of Racine community. I have been an officer for 10 years. I have heard that the city is thinking about taking prom away. I have many reasons why they should keep it or why they should stop having proms but I will talk about the ones I thought where good ideas and will help the crime go down.
During the meeting there were so people opposed to keeping prom. I would like to address a statement that was made by teen & community that was in favor of prom. Ok if people don’t have the money they are not going to wont the dress somebody else have ever boy or girl dreams about this big day. No one wants a bad prom everybody went to have fun that mean that went then leave prom there should be a post prom at every school & they should have buses that drives the kids to & from prom every teen does not drink so that mean that the kids should surround their self with good & healthy people. They should have a spending limit. There should be more police on duty but more on duty means more like not to fight or drink they should search the kids before they walk in the door.
I believe prom is a tradition but I also believe if there are people who are going to act crazy then there shouldn’t be a prom or any dance formal until there are right kinds of people. Racine not having prom there is a chance that business will shut down. Prom is the last formal dance for the seniors. The senior should have there on place to dance & not with others. I think that the same sex should be the able to go to prom.
This letter is to the Racine Council Board & my favor is to keep prom because it is a good tradition for the kids & the teachers of Racine community.
Sincerely, Stacy Walker