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Hello My name is Noelle I am 14 years old, and I am going to turn 15 December 16 th. I have an older sister named Heather and she is 22. I was born December 16, 996 at Rockford memorial Hospital. I live at the same house & never moved. One of my nabors have lived in their house eversnece I was born to. I am gunna go to jefferson highschool. I am an animal lover i have 4 doges, 3 cats, and a hamster. So I thought the best job for an animal lover and water lover and science water would be marine biologist. Now you know a little bit about me.

Business letter

Dear Racine town hall

Hello my name is Rose Lee, I am a 16 year old girl and I’m still waiting to go to my own prom, the reason I am writing is because it is about the prom discussion. I don’t think prom should be closed. I think they should keep prom but go higher on security. Some people at the meeting said that police think that some kids are coming to the prom drunk or have alcohol in their system.

I think the security should have breathalyzers. I think the reason the breathalyzers would work is because people will see other people get caught with the police of underage drinking, and then they will either get a $100 fine or go to jail. I know most of my friends go to prom drunk, and/or have drugs in their systems. I have lost two friends after prom due to drug over dose and/or a car crash.

I also think that the security should look through the girl’s purses for drugs, and alcohol, and fake ID’s. What they should do for the guys is pat them down and look for anything mysterious. I think this will help by if they do go ahead with this idea the kids will not bring drugs, alcohol, or anything like that. So that no one will have alcohol in their systems and other stuff.

So this is why I think you should keep prom and make some changes to make sure there are not car crashes because of a teen from prom drunk.


Rose Lee