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Hello my name is Nayeli C. I am 17 years old.I was born in Los Angeles.I lived in Mexico for two years than moved to Chicago.I was in Chicago from kindergarden till second grade. I moved to Rockford after my second grade year then I began third grade in Rockford.I still live in Rockford to this day.I consider myself a smart person.I am doing very good in school. I am planning to go to college.My goal is to become an RN (Registered Nurse). I still don't know the college I will attend.Some things that I enjoy to do on my spare time is play soccer and just have a great time.I am a very friendly person that can make friends pretty quickly.The subject that I enjoy the most is math it is just so fun.Well that was a little about myself.


July 14, 2011Dear, city council of Racine:My name is Molly Ruvalcaba. I am a senior student at Racine high school. I am 17 years old, I love my school I have a lot of spirit for it. There was news that I heard around school saying that they were thinking of ending "the world’s best prom”. Then I confirmed the news. That is the reason for this letter. The students and the community don't think this is a real good idea, and neither do I. So my friends and I came up with some reasons as to why prom shouldn’t end. We’re also going to suggest some solutions regarding this confusion.
First of all my first reason is that this is an event that has been growing since way back when my grandparents were in high school, and it’s kind of sad that they want to end this beautiful tradition. This is even the world’s best prom. We should be proud that we carry this name not everyone has the honor of being able to be recognized as that. This is not only a pretty tradition it is also the last night that our seniors have before they are out into the real world. We seniors want to take a good memory of our class. We probably won’t be able to see each other like we did and spent time with eachother.it wouldn’t be fair for this to end, all the past years have had the chance to enjoy a prom and now they want to end this. This is something that all students look forward to their high school years. In solution to this a way we could do this better is by letting the student have their prom I know we might have to change some things but let us enjoy our last year.

Second of all, I know that another of the reasons why they want to end this event is because they think that students are spending a lot of money on preparing for this big event in their lifes. it really doesn’t have to be that way. Parents have the right to put a budget on there kids. We all know that both girls and boys want to look better then ever and they think that to do so that they have to spent a lot of money. It really doest have to be that way ,there are boutiques that are able to donate dresses and tuxes to students that don’t have money to spent on a new dress, but they still want to attend the grand event. What I think should be done in order for this situation to not be that hard what they could do is have a antiprom-students don’t have to be all dressed up they can just wear everyday clothes.

Finally, another thing that I want to point out is that this prom is helping not only the students to have a great time but also it is helping the environment with their economical problems. This event brings a lot a business to dress shops like it does to beuty salons. There are girls that make an appointment weeks ahead. from shoe stores to restaurants they are pretty busy during the month of prom. so in this case if there was no prom some businesses would have to be closed down due to the economic situation. So all the people that own stores and businesses would really be happy with this dissition.
I suggest there be changes to make this event safer they can get more security to work that night and even make parents drop there kids of so there is no accidents .please make this the best year make it last forever.

Sincerely,Nayeli Ceniceros