NaShira Bailey
NaShira is 17 years old. She is from Rockford, IL. She currently attend Auburn Creative And Performing Arts High School & has for her previous 3 years. She enjoys poetry, rotc, theater, church, music, as well as most things the common teen does.
She also plays volleyball, and participates in working concessions during all the games and events at her high school. NaShira has been raised in a church all her life but as she goes through teen struggles has her points in which she feels all alone. At this point in her life she's trying to get her adolesent life right with God before entering full adult hood. Some television shows she's enjoys such as, NCIS, Law & Order, Bones, Weeds, American Gangster, and M.O.B. Wives. NaShira is a very outgoing person loves being surrounded by people. She is currently entering into the 12th grade. The college she plans to attend is Georgia State University. NaShira is now going through the process of doing paper work for the IL National Guard but will be transferring to GA guard when she starts college. She's never lived with her parents but has a very fortunate life. To keep up with NaShira and her shows as well as her life follow her on

July 14, 2011
To Racine Town Board,
My name is Ashley Howard. I am a secretary at Racine East High School. I am writing in Response to a few beliefs that where addressed at last nights’ board meeting. I have been teaching at Racine High for the past 12 years and I am in favor of prom.
It was brought out that prom is dangerous. Prom is known as a formal event for teens enjoying themselves one last time w/fellow classmates before graduating & separating. Someone noted there was a robbery that took place after prom & someone could have been hurt. Robberies occur everyday the only difference within this one is that it happened to a couple leaving post prom. No one was hurt & it wasn’t at prom itself. Life in general is dangerous but how do you live if you don’t be pre-cautious & have a few life experiences? So, I believe Prom is not dangerous but if you’re not careful then no one know what could happen. Yet as I said that’s life.
Another claim that was brought out is Expense not being an issue, True. There are stores all over the city willing to donate prom attire as well as teachers willing to help with ticket funds. If there is a money issue it is due to not having a budget or purposely going over. As for food prom provides meals, or sometimes snacks or you could eat a nice meal before and after you attend prom. If you look for help it’s out there, it’s those that do not look, or choose to be choosy that miss out. So expense should not at all be an issue.
Prom is a major tradition that majority of students anticipate. Students all over America save money, keeps good attendance/behavior, and do all they can for prom because it means that much to them. It helps students have memories to take on with them in life. It’s an event in which all students from different cliques, sports, classes, etc. can come together as a student body, feel special, loved, and successful while having fun after waiting all these years.
Prom is a coming of age such as a quince. Instead of turning 15 you reach your last year of high school. You work really hard then you try to look the best you can and have the best day and night of your life, comparable to a wedding. It bring out the confidence in guys to ask girls & in some people just to go. It’s a Milestone many will never forget. It s the last thing before moving on to your adulthood experiences & opportunities. A night where everyone can live it up.
If prom is canceled there would be nothing to show seniors appreciation on all their hard work. So please consider what I have said. And keep the greatest memory of high school to stay. Thank you.
Ashley Howard