The Bio of Mitchell W:

My name is Mitchell. I am seventeen years old. I attended Lewis Lemon for elementary, West for middle school and I currently attend Auburn High School. I am a very athletic person and i have been playing sports for twelve years. I have been playing baseball for twelve years, football for six years and I've been wrestling for five years and i am currently the captain for Auburn High School's wrestling team. I am the second youngest of my mom's four children and the oldest on my father's side. Both of my older sister's are former [[Mitchell#|graduates]] from Auburn also. I plan on attending Iowa State or U.W. Whitewater [[Mitchell#|for college]] on a wrestling [[Mitchell#|scholarship]].

July 15, 2011

To Racine Town Board:

My name is Mr. Jordan. I am a math teacher at Racine West High School and I have been working here for well over a decade. I am writing in response to the discussion about whether or not High School Prom should be cancelled. I would like to attend the next meeting to state why I think prom should not be held in high school.

I think prom is too dangerous and every year it always turns out to be violent afterwards. I am aware that there is violence everyday, but the scale of violence increases as a result of prom night mostly based on the fact of irresponsibility of the students who smoke, drink, and party. I think that is a bad way to end prom, or even bigger, high school.

Next, I think prom is too expensive. Tickets range from $50 to $150 and most kids/ families can’t afford that; not including the price of clothing and accessories. They should save their money and focus on using it in a constructive way, like COLLEGE. Plus, some people think prom is fine now which I totally disagree with. It is becoming now like everything is wrong with prom. Things like the students that are going, the decisions some are making and the expenses of everything they need or really just want.

Children don’t focus during the month of prom and some don’t even focus during their senior year because their mind is so stuck on whom the want to take or what they’re going to do afterwards and that’s why some of their grades decrease. Some people say it’s a tradition for seniors to go to prom, but I’ll be the first to say that’s wrong because prom was once for seniors graduating college; people who are adults and mature and most high school seniors don’t have that advantage or qualification yet.

Finally, I think students that attend prom can’t control themselves and an example of that would be drinking while driving. Prom isn't really the biggest problem; it’s what happens after prom that gets the students in trouble. Although some people can control themselves, others can’t and it’s the same thing that happens every year; a group of irresponsible teenagers get together prom night and cause trouble. That’s the reason kids either get hurt or end up dead.

Prom might be the right of passage for some or just a good night for others but I don’t feel high school students are ready for it.

Mr. Jordan