My first name is Calvin, but my middle is Maxwell, so thats what people call me. i got to Ellis Arts Academy and is currently going into the 8th grade. when i graduate i plan to go to Auburn High School. When i go to college which i plan on doing i want to go to Xavier University. When i grow up i want to be a cosmetic plastic surgeon. i want to be this because i think it would be a good occupation for me. I currently play baseball and i play both the tenor and alto saxophone. Oh and my birthday is march 20th, 1998 and i am 13 right now.
Dear The Racine Town Hall, I am writing to you today to discuss about why you should keep prom. I think that you should keep prom because it’s a fun way to end everyone’s senior year. Prom is a great experience. I don’t think that you should cancel it because of some unfortunate things that have been happening. In my opinion I think that we should just end prom at a later time. This would be good because most of the time after prom most of kids don’t go straight home; they might go drink or do something bad. And we can prevent this if we end prom at 7:00am. I think this is a good time because after this time nothing is open and they might just go home, plus it can prevent car accident or any crashes. Also I think that we should keep prom because it might be good for the students. I say this because most people in high school belong to a clique or they might have problems with someone else, so in my opinion there would be no problems people would have fun and as for the cliques there wouldn’t be any. Everyone would hang out each other. But this can’t happen unless we keep prom.