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My name is Markayla H., i am going to be a senior this school year coming up at Auburn High School. Things i like to do for fun is hang with my family and friends, go to the movies, have small gatherings with close friends, read, and use my phone. The things i want to do in the future is become a nurse, and possibly become a teacher in maybe english or something. I am here at the Rockford Summer Camp because i wanted to get a nice look at how college life and to get a feel of it before i graduate in 2012. Well some facts about me is that i like to play my brothers playstation 3, my best friend name is Tanita, and i have a cute fat little guinea pig name Reese. :)

my letter

July 14, 2011

Dear, City Council and townspeople,

My name is Mrs. Jenkins. I am a retired stay at home mom and widow. I’ve been a part of Racine my whole life. And I went to my prom with my dead husband back in the late 1950s. I am writing in response to the discussion about the change to transportation to prom after attending the meeting, I have concluded that the change would be lovely.
Now I know that I am a bit old and grey headed, but I believe strongly in the transportation change. There are many in Racine now that loves the fact that they can arrive to prom in anything they can think of. My opinion that is ridiculous. Many of the parents and teens could really save a ton of green if they didn’t spend so much on transportation, like elephants, monster trucks, fire trucks and other crazy rides. Back in my day we drove our parents’ nice or rundown cars or trucks to prom in a more mannerly way.

Some parents may complain that prom is unforgettable. Well I would like to know these parents really like spending thousands on their son or daughter for a couple of hours event. And also be lefted with a brown token in your pocket . I know I sure wouldn’t. Instead of being a bit crazy and also broke, how about you just rent them a reasonable car or truck for a couple of hours.

On the other hand, another group of parents might say and think that its their money and what their kids want, goes. Being broke isn’t fun and doesn’t make you happy. And I know for a fact that parent really do not spend that kind of money on themselves. Instead those parents should give their teen a reasonable spending limit or some kind of budget. It makes you pockets happy and full. And I’m pretty sure your child would understand.
Finally, there were some concerns stating that their teens don’t really need to be taught a lesson. Parents should just be straight forwarded with them and just tell them to get a job. Make them go out and work for the things they want to spend thousands on.

Changes to transportation would be a lovely ideal. And it would bring back so many old memorizes for me.
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Jenkins