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July 15, 2011

Julia Johnson

Senior at Racine East High School
Dear City of Racine Members,

Stretched limo, long beautiful dress, hair pinned up, and your date on your arm. All you think in your mind is you've made it.

Prom is for us teens it’s like a party that says we've made it and we're finally moving on and out of high school. This tradition started in the 1930's for high schools. Why should the tradition stop?

Hello my name is Julia Johnson, I am 17 years old and I go to Racine East High School. I'm on the poms team which means I do a lot of fundraisers and we have a lot of school spirit, also we are active in several school events. As you know prom is a huge event for seniors all over America. I've been waiting for prom since I was a freshman. I've done fundraisers, we gotten donations, and we've been putting prom together for about 3 and a half years now. Now I do understand that prom is a big concern to a lot parents and community members but you guys should take it from a student at East High's point of view.

The economy is getting horrible and our city is caught in the web it has created, but if you think about it if we spend cash on dresses, tuxedos, hair styles (etc). Then maybe we would move up in the economy. I say this because the more we spend at stores the more taxes our city gets which is more money right. Well prom you usually spend around 800 to 1000 dollars on outfits and accessories. That is a lot of money going into the cities pocket especially when it is per student. Why would you want that money to stop coming in?

I do indeed understand that it is more than just that one situation here is another one drinking alcoholic drinks. Yes, I do agree that kids underage should not drink. But if you look at it most of the children who has drank a drink before was either with their parent or a friend’s parent. I believe if the parents get fines for their child drinking and getting arrested or getting into a drunk driving accident then the drinking rates would go down.

To put all of what I'm trying to say is that I believe that the city of Racine should keep prom a tradition and instead of trying to move away from the problem to fix the problems.
Julia Johnson

(Alexia M)