My Biography*

My name is Alina. I was born in Elgin, Illinois and I was born July 28th 1998. I'm currently living in Rockford Illinois and in 8th grade and attending Ellis Arts Academy. I don't have a lot of hobbies, But I do write, sleep and dance. I started writing in the 2nd grade. Poetry is everything to me. Sleeping is something I do during the weekends. When I'm in high school, I would definitely be taking health classes. I want to be a pediatrician when I'm older. Maybe I can ready my poetry to my young patients!

Letter To Town Hall*
Dear Racine Town Hall School Board ,
My name is Alina and Its been brought to my attention that you want to permanently cancel prom. Well I’m not going against prom. I like it. I’m a local merchant in the city of Racine and I own many prom dress businesses. If you take away prom, I would go out of business. I wouldn’t like that!
If you think about it really hard, My business is actually helping the economy. Its called “Taxes” ! 7o percent of the time, Most teens spend from $800-3000. That’s a lot for one dress for one night! But we want to make the teens “Prom Night” special and meaningful.
Prom is known for being a competition with girls. They compete against each other about who has the best Hairstyle, Dress, Makeup, Ect. Without prom, Teens wouldn’t be able to spend money!
To Conclude this up, Prom should definitely stay around! Thanks for taking the time to ready this.

Sincerely ,
Alina A.