Jessie's Biography

Hi I'm Jessie. I'm 17 years old. I'm currently attending East High School about to go into my senior year. Things i like to do for fun is to sing, play football, hang out with friends, and most of all write music. What i want to do in future is to attend Fullsails University music degree collage because i major in music. I am here because i want to experience how collage works and opperates and especially experience collage level courses. Fun facts about me is i like to joke, i like to play piano, and do music. My email address is if you want to know more about me.

Letter directed to the Racine board

July 14, 2011

My name is Eissej Arerrab. I think that prom should be canceled because it makes parents and teens spend money on tuxedos and dresses that are very expensive for one night. It’s also a night where a lot of violence is taken place due to drunk driving and gang violence. I understand that its night to remember, but that’s not worth risking teens around the country to get shot and killed for what they call a "special night".

Teens and their parents spend lots of money on expensive Tuxedos and dresses, and it’s their fault that they spend that much on a suit or dress. Also, Racine is a town/city where about 4 to 5 schools come together and have one huge prom, but what people don't realize is that there can be a lot of drunk teens that are driving at night after the prom, and that's where a lot of the accident activities happen. Teens are also using drugs to get high probably before or even after the prom to what they call "having a good time". The most event that probably occurs is gang violence. Gang violence is the most dangerous activity at prom that probably happens during prom. Prom is not always safe. Security is low and may let mistakes slip by. Parents should be more cautious when they kiss their kids goodbye to prom. Prom is a complete waste of time, money, and risk. If prom should continue then at least have seperate proms like every other prom in the United States instead of having one big prom, because prom here in Racine has a big group of people, so someone could get hurt or someone could get killed.

So parents and teens think prom should continue, even though they tell their kids to be careful, teens are going to be wild n out at prom regardless of what their parents say to them. To other teens, prom is a night to remember, but to other people, it’s a night of violence and foolishness. I hope you agree with me on why I think prom should be cancelled. Were only trying to look out for the safety of our children. So I’m asking you, the board of Racine, to end all the violence and foolishness around the country that are involved with prom.
Eissej Arerrab

Dear Ms.Smith

July 15, 2011

What i learned this week is that to write a good persuasion letter, you need to research ideas and specific details to explain your letter and how it could change an argument by the persuasion in your persuasive letter. What i learned persuading in a letter is you got to be bold and you got to be specifically detailed, before i thought writing a persuasive essay or letter is you state the obvious situation and go straight to your point. Good persuaders use specific and clear details and, good formality structure, various tones, and a persuasive conclusion. Conducting research for a letter or essay is you read articles and take notes on good ideas you feel you could use. It takes specific ideas and good research to have a good quality document. With out and research, you cant really analyze good information from just basic knowledge. Information, specific ideas, and good research is what makes an exclusive quality document.