Dear Racine city council,

My name is Nicole Looney. I am a junior at Racine High School. I would like to keep prom, we just need to fix some problems and I have some solutions.

Students are worried about under age drinking, also whether or not the punch is spiked. The solution to this problem is easy; all we need to do is have an adult volunteer sit by the punch. We could even have shifts between adults throughout the night. Also we need to make post prom longer and more enticing so more students will go to it and stay out of the streets and away from alcohol. Also we need to make aware of the parents not to turn their heads on prom night about alcohol. They need to think about how many lives they could be saving that one night by doing the right thing and not letting their teen drink that one night.

I think we also need to address the fact that not allowing interracial or homosexual attend prom is racist. We should let the teens be able to express and be themselves. I also think students need to be aware how wrong it is for them to make fun of students who have a different sexual orientation then themselves. Everyone should be entitled to their rights to attend prom without the worries of being harassed.

Due to today’s economy tickets to prom should be cut to $25 at the most. But I think before the students should have to raise $25 dollars themselves a week before they are allowed to purchase their ticket. This way students value their ticket more and don’t wait till the last minute to purchase a ticket. Also the school can get conformation that the money was raised and not just given to them by getting a list of people who donated.

My Grandmother told all about prom when I was little. I have been waiting my whole life just to feel just as special as she did at prom. Please keep prom open so you don’t crush every little girl’s dreams.
Nicole Looney

Jessica p.


My name is Jessica. I'm 14 years old,and I'm going into freshmen year at Auburn high school. Some of my favorite things to do are rollerskating, walking, and belly dancing. Starting August 2011 I will have been to 5 different schools. I moved to Rockford last year, but before that i have lived in Des Plaines a suburb in Chicago my whole life. I would also go to college after high school and either become a teacher, a microbiologist, or a veterinarian.