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My name is Jemece H. I grew up in Rockford,IL and still live there. Im 16 years old and currently attend Auburn High School where i take all honors and AP classes. I like to read, listen to music, go to the movies and shop. I have two sisters and 3 brothers, 1 is adopted. I plan to go to either Boston University or Michigan State University to become a cardiac surgeon. A big hobby of mine that most people don't know about is cooking. I'm here at the Rockford Summer Camp mostly to get away from my family for a week but also because I thought it would help give me a idea of how college life will be.


July 14, 2011
To the Racine Town Board:
Hello my name is Andrea Richards. I’m a creative writing teacher at Racine High School, and avis community speaker for teens. I am contributing in the discussion of whether Racine should still host prom. I truly believe the big event should go on for years to come.

Many school officials and townspeople think students are out of control the week of prom and cause even more chaos the weekend of. However, I am very involved in my students’ lives and know for a fact that many of them tend to get better grades, zero tardy’s, and follow all school rules to attend this one night. No one wants to risk not going to the highlight of their high school lives.

Then there are the parents and law enforcement who mainly feel that prom will never be a safe environment. Prom is not a wild zoo, it’s chaperoned by experienced teachers that have been there for each student since the first day of high school. We know how to keep peace and handle each student.

I hate seeing my young ladies and gentleman stress over going over budgets and spending too much on attire for prom. It’s not necessary and many students feel well if I don’t go I won’t have to deal with finding a job to pay for everything or stressing out my parents. Instead a budgeting class should be offered for the teens and their parents so they can learn exactly how much they will be able to spend and won’t have to worry about over budgeting. There is also shops that have free tuxedos, suits, dresses, handbags, etc. for students to have that are in great condition! That’s an easy two hundred dollars saved and could go towards many other things.

Finally, everyone deserves a big send off with all your friends before going off into the big, bustling, and grown up world. Prom is a huge right of passage, showing the conquest of high school. If you work hard you deserve a reward afterwards and prom is a gift to be shared among many.
Prom is not the root of evil in this town. There are far worse things that happen, so why should teens now be punished for others young mistakes? Life is too short to dwell on the bad, we need to show the town there is still kind and forgiving people in this world.

Please don’t take away prom: It’s everything for our small town.

Andrea Richards