July 18, 2011
My name is Jaquel L Iam 16 years old I Live in Rockford IL, im an junior in high School. The school that I attend is Auburn High school. I’m writing a response to discuss this situation on Prom in Racine.
Otherwise I think that Racine should still have Prom because so many kids had their Prom and other kids will want to have 1 too. So I think they should. Some of my reasons why is because it’s the best day of your life some other kids wouldn’t even make it to this day. Teens go all out with their dressings. Like you really have go all out for Prom. I know prom cost a lot of Money but hey you only get 1 Prom in high school. Prom is a tradition. Like why stop Prom in 1 city than others states in cities are still having them and there the only one’s not that NOTFAIR! I’m a junior right now if they close Prom in Racine they might want to close it where I stay plus my friends. And I truly don’t want that to happen. Because I want to see how it’s like to go to Prom in come home late, Probly not even come home, just have fun and live Life. There punishing Teens for No Reason? They should keep having prom so others can live life and have a Blast. I know after prom it Be loud and Crazy but hey there Teens if it’s a Problem Yea Call the Police who can Take it from there No one.
So I really wish they don’t Stop PROM in Racine!!
- Prom is Fun
- A Tradition
- Best night ever
- A Night to remember
- Take time to look nice .