My Biography

My name is Jacquel I was born on February 23 , 1998. I am 13 years old going to the 8th grade at RESA Middle School. I have 2 sister that live with me , but a lot more brothers and sister that don’t live with me. My 2 sisters are JaMaiya and Karidee . JaMaiya is about to attend RESA with me in the 6th grade, and Karidee is about to be a senior in high school at Auburn.
I love to play sports but my favorites are basketball and football. I’ve played football for a team many times , I’ve also played B-ball for a team before. When you meet me you will know that I take my sports seriously and that I won’t quit at them.
What I like to do for fun is go out and hang with my girlfriend (if i had one at the moment), and also chill with my friends. When I do these things I tend to have a lot of fun.
This College Readiness Program is very good. It helped me learn things I didn’t know as much and that college is just not about partying. It Also helped me in how to see how the college life will be. I didn’t know that it was like this. To be honest when I first came I thought it was going to be lame , but turns out it is actually a very fun thing. I hope to come back again. Now you know a lot of about me.

My Letter

Dear Racine School Board,
It has been brought to my attention that you’re thinking about canceling prom. Well I might only be 13 but I think you shouldn’t cancel prom.
You shouldn’t cancel prom because I think how it will affect the people who look forward to prom or are going to prom. Not only that, you have to think about your city’s history and how prom is a tradition in Racine.
Although I want prom to continue, I think its needs to be supervised more at the end of prom. Such as police officers on street blocks, and have officers check others. I believe that doing this will lower the percentage of something happening after prom.
Another reason to keep prom is to keep the tradition going. If prom is that fun think about the little kids that are looking forward to going. They will be very sad that they missed the there prom.
Here you can see these are reasons prom shouldn’t be canceled.
Thanks for ready this…
Jacquel W.