Hi, my name is Cortavious I grew up and still live in Rockford, IL but i was born in Champaign, IL. I have 3 brothers (one older the rest younger) and an older sister. I attend Auburn High School and as of the 2011-2012 school year i will be a junior. I enjoy going out and playing sports; i have been playing baseball since i was 6 years old and basketball since i was 4 years old and i still play to this day. I plan on going to college in 2 years at NIU somewhere thats close to home but also not to close.

July 15, 2011
To the Racine City Council.
My name is William Bailey; I am a parent of Kierra Bailey a senior at Racine High School. I am writing in regard to the Racine hall meeting on wither or not Racine should hold prom. After attending the meeting on Wednesday I have came to a conclusion that Racine should hold a High School prom, and I have a few reasons why.

One reason I would like to state is that if Racine does not hold prom some students may not start attending all of their classes and start doing worse in school because they have nothing to look forward to in the end. Some students go to school and do well because they have something to look forward to in the end PROM.

My second reason is I believe every parent has should see their child on prom night, reliving an experience they once got to live. Prom night is that one special night where all of the seniors get celebrate their achievements with one another, a night where everyone gets to look very nice, a night when one take hundreds of pictures to reflect on later in life, a night where rules are made to be broken, a night of fun and happiness.

My third and most important reason is that prom is a tradition. Every since the 1800’s prom has been going on. If you take away prom now it would take away most if not all of the things prom has worked up to be.

Finally I oppose the opposition. Although some may thing that prom is “ Un-American “ or that prom is not safe that does not mean cancel prom, it just means that things need to be done differently. Adjustments or changes could be made so that prom is a safer environment instead of getting rid of it completely.

So if you would please do not take away prom, please make certain adjustments as needed so that prom will reform back to how prom used to be. SAFE & FUN
William Bailey