Ciara M. was born April 11, 1995 Detroit,MI. She moved to Rockford,IL her sixth grade year. She loves being with friends and family. She has two sisters. Ciara has family all over the country. She attends East High School. She plans to attend a college in the south or Chicago. She enjoys watching sports with friends an family. She also likes going to school basketball and football games. Her best friend is Brittany L.

July 15, 2011

To the Racine City Council,
My name is Anika Chase. I am a senior at Racine East High School and a lifelong resident. I am writing in response to the discussion about canceling prom. I have some points why the prom should not be canceled.
Many people pointed out that proms are expensive. If people want to spend more then what they have its own them. They should know when to stop. But there’s other ways to save many and get what you want. People can get rented items or get a free dress or tux.
Another point is that adults say that they hear a lot of noise. I feel that there should be a curfew so that they won’t be complaining. If they are out past the curfew than they should get a punishment.
Lastly, people have been looking forward for prom as long as they can remember. If you cancel prom than its like shutting down their dreams.
So I’m just saying please don’t cancel prom.

Anika Chase