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Letter to Racine Board
To the Racine City Council,

My name is Miriah Alexander. I am the Junior and Senior school counselor at Racine High School and a ten-year resident of the city. I am writing in response to the discussion about Racine High School Senior prom. After attending the meeting I still remain with the same mentality that Racine High School should continue with their prom.
During the meeting a few things stuck out to me that I disagreed with from those who were opposed to prom being held at Racine High School. Here are many in the city who feel that Racine High School should not hold prom because of underage drinking, irresponsible behavior, and drinking & driving. I agree that those are huge issues on prom night but those are also issues that are being dealt with daily. Underage students are constantly attending activities under the influence and may party and hang out often, driving home under the influence. It is not just something just done on prom night.
I would also like to add that not every student at Racine High School are doing those things so why punish the whole senior class for the ignorance of few. Mostly all the seniors and underclassmen have been looking forward to their prom night. So why bring them all down for the ignorance of few. In reality prom is a tradition that we all have been looking forward to since 1935.
No person, family, group, city, or school is perfect. Thinking that by cancelling prom for Racine High School will solve the issues in our community will not do anything but make the situation worse.
Sincerely, Miriah Alexander