HI, My name is Cassie, i was born in Rockford,Illinois December,16th,1996, throughout my whole life i went to 5 different schools now i am a freshman at auburn high school i didn't even go to preschool i went straight to kindergarden.i live with two different families my biological family and my god parents; i have 1 dog. i love to skateboard, sing, dance, write poems, and draw. with most of my time i am with my friends and family things about whats next in life also i love to drive around with my cousin and go to her moms.when i graduate from auburn high school i want to go here at NIU collage to explore and learn new things and become a social studies teacher.but if i don't graduate high school and go to collage i am gonna try to get a record deal with a company to be a singer.thats all some about me.thanks for reading!!!!!! by the way my idol is "NIKKI MANAJ" because she has a good voice and can sing and rap also she can kinda dance... are lives are practicaly alike/

To whom this may concern:

July, 15th, 2011//

My name is Mrs. Skittles and the reason why I’m writing you this letter is because we should keep prom; but I really don’t want to cause of the shooting that be happening last year at auburn high school my cousin got shot because of gang related business he was suppose to be handling that night but he didn’t so they did a drive by and shot him; The drunk driving teens get drunk, drive and die because their parents providing them “alcohol” they bring bottles and cans because of that there parents think they’re old enough to handle it for one night.

Plus on prom night it’s real easy to get knocked up because of the date rape pills and guys forcing themselves onto the girls.

{Do you want that to happen or would you want that to happen to your kids?}

I don’t that’s why I want you to fix and make prom better than what it already is make it fun and exciting but safe like when everyone’s there and inside the building close doors cause once you are in your in, open pools so they can go swimming and also let them play games to win prizes big nice prizes they can keep for a life time and something there cherish forever in mind from being in tat school to graduating from that school give them memory of what it is give them the meaning of prom.

With all due respect I do want prom to not continue if it’s going to have violence and outrages. Thanks for reading my letter to you and I hope you take it as a suggestion and do it.


Mrs. Skittles

Teacher at Racine East High School