My name is Cameron, i was born in Chicago on the west side.At the of 6,i moved to Rockford. I began school at Haskell Elementary I then graduated to middle school and attended Ellis Arts Academy.I plan on
attending Auburn High School . I am recently 14 at the age of 16 i plan on driving . I began to start liking art,poetry and ect. I have made many friends and companions and lost more than i can count. I listen to
r and b and rap .My favor artist is Lil Wayne .in a way i idol him this is part of my life that you would enjoy most

Dear people of Racine
I come today as humble as I can with this message .
My name is Keith Gostants I feel that canceling prom will cause more conflicts than it will solve.
The people of Racine our more than aware that canceling prom will enrage the students of Racine .Matter fact according to a resent study 1,632 students admitted that canceling prom would as students say “piss them off” or be “bogus”. This is not as serious as it gets, prom is the life of the town it’s the “soul of our body as a community” stated by young Niesha .Who is currently 16 and plan on going to prom next year with her 16 year old boyfriend ,who has been with her for three years .As a fellow citizen of Racine I can state that our prom builds more relation ships then it breaks.


Keith Gostants