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My name is Brittney i am 14 years old & was born in Rockford IL ateRockford Memorial on March 14, 1997. I am the oldest of 3 & have a sister named Alyssa who is 11 & a brother Named Matthew who is 9. I am going to east high school. my favorite colors are NEON Blue, green, pink,& Purple. When I grow up I plan to be a Respitory Tharipest & work at st. Jude's Children hospital. I live with my dad William, stepmom Michelle, stepsister Mikayla, Sister Alyssa and 2 dogs Rocco And Bruno most of the time but everyother weekend i live with my mom Amber, stepdad Mark, HALF brother Matthew,dog Maggie, cats Angle, Rudy, Patchy, and Princess. Also 3 kittens Tiger, Lucy, & Skit and now you know all about me.

July 15, 2011
By: Brittney M
Dear Racine town hall,
I name is Allie. I am 17 years old and I am writing to tell you why you should keep prom. But, if you are going to try to make kids stop drinking,, you should make the prom and after prom more exciting. It would make kids forget about drugs, have fun, and not get hurt.
Some things that you could do are have more dancing and games so they don’t get bored like sports and limbo. I know this because I am a teenager and I know what many of people like. Also, I have been too many parties with sports and limbo and everyone was having a great time.
I think prom is a good way to learn organization skills because you have to arrange transportation, coordinate colors, and make reservations. This would be a good thing to know because it will help with your job in the future.
Also, they say all kids get drunk during prom. However, not all kids drink I found that only 30% of teens drink. I think we should keep it because its American teenager’s rite of passage and we should get to experience it just like our grandparents.
Thank you for your time! I know you will do the right thing even if I don’t agree.
Yours truly,
Allie Marie Anderson