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Racine Prom.

Dear Racine city council,

I am Mrs. DiLaurentis and my daughter is Jessica DiLaurentis, captain of the state champion cheerleading squad of Racine East High School. My husband is Mariano DiLaurentis, a very successful businessman, who owns all the car dealerships in Racine and a variety of other businesses. So as you can see, my family and I are a very important part of this city and therefore our opinion should be seriously considered, unlike those of the lower class. My daughter Jessica has been looking forward for her senior prom since she was little and being the little perfect angel that she is I was going to make sure that she had an absolutely perfect prom but that won't happen if you cancel her prom. If you are concerned about inappropriate behavior, my daughter is very popular and can surely have her little friends behave the way they are supposed to. However, her father and I don't allow her to socialize with the students of lower class (you know how they can be) so you can just hire more security to keep an eye out for those people.

As far as prom being "too expensive", her father and I have no problem with money and getting my sweet daughter what she needs. We are even planning to travel to New York City ( we've been there many times since we ,of course, travel often) to get her dress. Other parents may not have the opportunities that we have, but surely they can afford a dress at wherever those of lower class shop! If they are that poor, god help them, they should get dresses that are donated. Or those children should not even go if they are going to show up looking dreadful and make my daughter's prom terrible.

We as adults know that many teenagers are drinking, except my dear Jessica and her lovely friends of course, so I'm willing to lend the students money for coach buses to take them to prom and back. My husband Mariano would have no problem with the cost of buses, as you surely already guessed, so don't let the less unfortunate think we will go bankrupt or feel bad that we will spend money on their children's safety. Must be terrible for those parents that can't afford to give and spend money like my family. Also, those children that don't have parents that teach them good behavior and values like my husband and I do to my Jessica, they won't behave in disgusting behavior if they are taken home on the buses.

City council you can see that I have offered wonderful solutions for your problems! You surely will not overlook my thoughts, that are very right, and cancel prom. If you have any other problems with money, my family and my friend's family ( they are also important people) will be glad to help our wonderful children's prom. No need to say thank you and I know you will listen to my suggestions.

Mrs. DiLaurentis